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Monday, September 22, 2014

Silhouette Store Haunted House Assembly Instructions

This haunted house cut will be available in the silhouette store this week.

To set this up in the Silhouette Studio software, open the file. You will notice that color suggestions have been made within the file. Before you cut, gather your papers. You can deviate from the original color suggestions if you wish. Cut the parts that show up in the live cutting area. Then simply move the next color group into the active cutting area. Continue to slide the file around to place the parts for a particular color into the active cutting area. You won't need to ungroup the file if you just slide everything over. If you wish to make color changes, you may need to ungroup a few of the parts. 
This is what the file looks like upon opening. Go ahead and cut your black parts.

 Slide the whole file to the right so the dark purple layer shows up in the active cutting area.
 Slide the file up so the orange layer shows up in the active cutting area.
 Slide left to make the white layer appear in the active cutting area.
Now slide the file down to make the light purple layer appear in the live cutting area.

Now adhere the layers in the order shown below:
When you get to the layer with the shutters, you can fold those out, or close them. They are interactive.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial with Guiseppa

Good Saturday morning!  Guiseppa here and I want to share with you a simple way to make some cute fabric pumpkins!  

You will need:
fabric circles (mine are 9, 11 and 16 inches, but you can do what you want)
small sticks
batting or dried beans
paper leaves (optional)
mini curls (optional)
anything you would like to use to embellish your pumpkins

First, cut out your circles.  I used Samantha's Decadence Fabric from Riley Blake Designs.  This fabric is just perfect for Fall projects.

Use a gathering stitch around the outer edge of the fabric circle to bring the fabric into a ball.  Do this all the way around the circle.

Make sure you don't completely gather and tighten the fabric together.  Leave an opening to insert the batting.

Once the batting is all in, stitch and knot your gathers so they don't come loose.  Leave just enough room to insert and glue a small stick in for a stem.  

Embellish your pumpkins with anything else you'd like.  I added leaves from Samantha's Card: Leaves Shape.

Go ahead...give it a try!  It's so fun and easy to do 
and a perfect is a perfect piece of Fall decor!
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