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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Chore Spinner by Diana

Hi! Diana Fisher here today to share with you this Chore Spinner I made for my son. As I'm sure with most of us, summer is a time to get off track and let the kiddos play a bit more than usual. Now, with fall back in the mix, it's time to get them on schedule and on task — which can mean more chores. 

For us, we have a hard time picking which chore my son should do — well not anymore! Using the Game Spinner file from Samantha Walker, I made this chore spinner to help my son choose which chore to do next. 

This is how the file looks when you download it. I did follow the advice for a more sturdy spinner and cut mine out of heavy card stock twice and glued the two pieces together. That seems to work really well.

Since I don't need the numbers, I deleted them. I then separated all of the pieces of the file and put them on two sheets. The backboard and base of the spinner on one with the double spinners, and below you can see the two sets of triangles for the spinner spaces.

Once I had all of the pieces cut, it was time to start to assemble the spinner.

Because my handwriting is not the best, I chose to use a letters stamp set that is small enough to fit the spinner's triangle shapes. I put the assembled words on an acrylic block and used black Versafine ink to stamp them,

After each piece was stamped, I assembled and adhered them to the circle. 

After that is done, you can layer the pieces together and assemble them with the small brad. Make sure that the brad is loose so that the spinner will move. 

I placed 3-4 sheets of card stock between the pieces to get them to lift off of each other and then put the brad in. I then removed the pieces and the spinner had plenty of space to spin around.

For one last touch I put a hole in the top corner of my background square and threaded it with a piece of twine and tied a loop. Now I can hang the chore spinner on a hook where we'll be more apt to see it and use it.

I hope you enjoyed this idea and fine fun ways to use the spinner file for yourself!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fabric Tag Tutorial by Guiseppa

Happy Saturday friends!  Guiseppa here to share with you a quick tag tutorial using Samantha's Decadence fabric from Riley Blake Designs.  This one is a great way to use up those scraps!

Gather your fabric.  Remember I used the Decadence Fabric...perfect for Fall.  Cut out your strips of fabric tom make your tag.  Mine are 1.25 x 2.50 inches.

Next, you will want to fray the edges of the fabric strips.  Do this by pulling the strands of fabric away from the strip until you get your desired look.

After I got my strips to look the way I wanted, I applied some Fray Check to keep them from fraying any further.

Next I cut an upside down V shape into my fabric strip.  I added more Fray Check to the fabric strip to keep it from fraying.  After it dried, I roughed up the frays a little more just by running my finger nail through it.

I cut out some paper tags to go along with the fabric strips.  I used Samantha's 8 Piece Tag Set from the Silhouette Store and added a little sentiment from her Buntings and Banners Clear Stamps from JustRite Stamps.  I also used Silhouette's Printable Gold Foil and cut out the 2 Layer Swirly Leaf, also Samantha's shape.  I left the swirl leaf out and just used the solid leaf.

I cut out Samantha's Basket with Quadruple Straight Bow and her Bag: Fall Leaves and embellished them with my tags.  Now, I have some cute treat holders, perfect for the Fall Season.

Thanks for stopping and I hope you enjoy your day!  I have listed below links to all the supplies I used!

Samantha's Silhouette Shapes:

Samantha's Stamps:

Samantha's Fabric:

Samantha's Paper:

Friday, August 29, 2014

New This Week at Snap Click Supply Co.!

Happy Friday!
Today is the new release day for Samantha's digital kits 
and they will be on sale all weekend for 25% off!  

This week you will find two new kits!

These two kits feature 8 gorgeous papers in an aqua and pink color ways!  The kits come as  digital downloads in high resolution jpeg format.  All Samantha Walker Kits are for personal usage only, unless user purchases a separate (limited) commercial license.  


Remember the Silhouette promotion end in just a couple days!

Here's a closer look at this month's bundles: 

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